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Смотрите короткометражный комедийный фильм

Рентал кинооборудования с самой большой прокатной базой современного фото и видео оборудования в Москве.
Полное фестивальное сопровождение полнометражных и короткометражных картин.


 Studio Dmiriy Kupovih “Svobodnoe Kino” was founded by Dmitriy Kupovih: producer, director, and film teacher. The studio specializes in teaching courses in film theory and filmmaking.

The courses at the “Svobodnoe Kino” gives the students the opportunity to learn and practice their skills in directing, producing, and other professional roles in-demand, such as First A.D., Editor, Music Editor, etc.

In the last year, the studio released six short films: On the Edge of…, Metaphor, Arena, Immersion Into the Fire, Through Moscow, Start the Engine and Reverse. Four of these shorts participate at the 66th Cannes Film Festival (Short Film Corner) and others international film festivals.

Studio “Svobodnoe Kino” also handles distribution of the Russian and foreign short films.

107014 Moscow Russian Federation Sokolnicheskay pl. 7